Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Hardware and Software Price difference

Come to think of it, it is really a neat and money making trick. I am talking about the huge price differentials in the Software and Hardware of almost everything. The other day I was at the office supply store to get ink for my printer and total black and white ink cost me more than fifty dollars. I was shocked but more than that I was disgusted with the price since the printer you can get a good one for less than 200 but the ink can cost you like in a year more than the printer itself. Same goes for DVDs, I read somewhere that DVDs cost the company making it at one dollar but they sell it for more than twenty dollars or more. For that price you can get a brand new DVD player.

Same goes for the office software which cost like almost 450 dollars and it cost less than that to buy a computer. So these companies make a killing selling the software, while not even taking a loss on the computer since most of the computers are made in cheap labor markets. The defense these companies take is that the development costs of these software are very high but I still don’t see the price of the previous versions coming down to lower cost levels. Then these same companies make a hue and cry when their software is stolen in overseas markets. The price of one software here in the U.S. can feed a family of five or even six in some countries, so how else the population will get education if the cost is even at 50 dollars (which I believe it is not).

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