Friday, February 10, 2012

I hate credit, I love credit

The simple word of Credit conjures up feeling of love and hate in all persons. You love credit because it gives you the ability to pay for things but at the same time when you get your statement you feel disgusted enough and sometimes curse yourself into not controlling yourself while you were spending. Although most of the time, you can use cash but it is far more convenient to use credit and in some places, only Credit Cards are used like while booking your hotels and rental cars. It is an easier way and the most secured one I believe since you don’t have to carry much cash in your pocket as long as you have balance on your credit. I love the convenience of having extra cash in your hand but beware that you should not fall into a debt trap.

But being able to spend money is easier than managing one and if you are not careful, the credit limit that you have used will bite you back hard. You have to at least pay the minimum in order for you not to default but you have to make sure that you pay as fast as possible otherwise those interest rates can be a killer. But I still love credit than debit since it gives me extra cash on hand if all other avenues of raising cash fails. And just to emphasize using credit while hating it too, many entrepreneurs have used their credit cards to launch their businesses.

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