Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tradition is the king in Job Hunt

As the summer season approaches and school’s is out, many of the young people will try to look for a job. I read that in order to land one of these coveted positions, the look that the youngsters show during the school will go out of the window when it comes down to interviewing. As everybody who is or has been in the job market knows that when it comes time to apply for a job, it is not appropriate to make a fashion or political or any other kind of statement when you are at the interview. This even goes for high school people who should be acting like a professional.

In order to land one of the positions, this is not the time to show your piercings and tattoos to the prospective employers since most of the interviewers are conservative to start with or have been through that phase and knows that if you act out of the ordinary, your chances of getting an internship or a summer job are next to none. They want a person who is a team player and can fit into the organizational culture and structure. So for a few hours each day you can be somebody else if you want to show that you are one of them because in the future their reference will be crucial in order to land a better job with a better company. So trying to one of them is the way to go.

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