Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nationalities die hard

European union was supposed to be just that a union among equals with shared culture, religion and boundaries but whatever the official thinking comes out of it, it does not show any when it comes to foreign policy or national interests. Although it is Europe, but with different cultures, languages, history, foreign policy etc, the myth of a super United States of Europe is nowhere in sight. We see this all over the place, first with the French giving recognition to the Libyan rebels without consulting the greater Europe, and then there are the Italians trying to shore up the national industries by putting barriers to foreigners (read other Europeans) and putting their national industries out of the reach of foreigners. Now the Germans came back swinging and have refused to take part in any military action against Libya.

No matter how hard the Europeans try, they would always be different states with different languages and policies, cultures and animosities. Integrating a currency and some other monetary stuff is not going to make them a union. There will always be different prime ministers and presidents and kings and not one President (like the United States). Can you imagine New York State recognizing the Libyans but New Jersey refusing to do so? California trying to stop GM in order to protect its own industry. Arizona refusing to send its troops to Libya while the Texans happily does that. And these are just a few things to ponder.

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