Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Societal expectations of gender roles-2

These stereotypical gender roles are not only confined to kindergarten but are reinforced through out your lives. Males are steered towards their male toys and the girls their girl toys. But even if there are studies out there that suggest that the societal pressures make for gender roles, I don’t believe it is only society that can put so much pressure on you. Societies are made up of people and parents, your cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents are all product of these societies. Even if you look at other societies these expectations continue to exert pressure on human beings to conform to certain roles for males and females.

If this was a new phenomenon we would have dismissed it as a product of modern society but this has been going on centuries and millennia. In the beginning of time, men were the hunters and the women use to cook and take care of the kids. Even now when we have entered the 21st century, both genders have made so many strides in life (especially females) but when it comes to expectation by society, gender roles are hard to shed and we resort to the same old stereotypes. Different colors for different genders and same with the toys and clothes and the way they are raised has not changed and I guess would not change however we try harder to go against the societal expectations of gender roles.

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