Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Email lives on

Despite the onslaught of Twitter and Face book and other social media sites, the Phenomenon called email lives on. I love the email a lot, since it is fast, instantaneous, delivered in a few seconds and get your results the fast as compared to the snail mail. Although you still use the Postal service and the overnight courier for important documents and hard copies, but for the sheer volume of mails to be sent out, nothing beats Email. You can get your newspaper subscription even before the actual copies of the newspaper. You can reach out to persons via email and send out your resumes faster than the regular mail and also get instant replies which saves time and money.

Email is free and you can create many accounts with one email service and still it will come to you instead of having a physical address. All the wheeling and dealings can be done via the email which saves time and the actual transaction can take place in less time since everybody is prepared and less time is lost in reviewing the documents and other items. You can get quote of items that you want to buy in bulk via email and don’t have to wait for the postal service to arrive to deliver you the hard copy. And also the best part is this that the email does not have a designated time in which it operates and does not take weekly holidays. In fact it is the 24 hours feature that gives email the best advantage over any other mail service. Now more than ever it has become essential that everybody has an email account and some have several to sort their important emails from the junk ones.

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