Thursday, March 24, 2011


If you have watched TV shows regarding renovating houses, you may have come across many shows where the renovator budgets some amount and the renovation never stays in the budget. And that is the crux of the problem, no matter how much expert you are in budgeting stuff; you never know what happens when you renovate your house. And other thing is that there is no time line on when you can finish your renovation because you may first of all have to have permit in order to start your renovation and when you are doing one then you have to pass the inspection regarding buildings, otherwise you would do something which is against the law and you fail the inspection and you are back to square one.

That is why you need a really good contractor who knows what he is doing and what the law is about. Even licensed contractors sometimes goof off and do some sloppy job and then fail the inspection. You don’t want to change contractors in the middle of your work. It is nice if you can get references regarding a good contractor who can do the job according to your specifications and satisfaction. Renovation requires so much work and money and you have to deal with uncertainties that you have to be realistic about everything like time, money, expectations when you decide to do one.

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