Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Decorating your house-4

Now we come to the bathroom, here also you spend as much as possible within your budget like two sinks, shower stalls and tub at the same time or you can install a Jacuzzi in it. Again it all depends upon your taste, budget and how long you would live in that house. Basement also are an expense which can you either make it partially finished, finished or just leave it unfinished. If you live in a flood prone area or with a high water table, you will have to first water proof the basement before you start to decorate it. You can either make it a gym, game room or just additional kids area or just relaxing family room.

All in all there is no limit to how much you can spend in order to decorate your house. You can either spend millions or you can spend thousands to make your life and your house as comfortable to live in. For me if I will be living in one place for extended period of time (like between 5 to 10 years), I would definitely think about investing thousands but not more than maybe between 30 to 50 thousand. Anything above that will be a waste of money (in these times when the value of the house is barely increasing) since the next owner would have their own tastes regarding decoration.

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