Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Decorating your house-2

Now the carpet thing is also either inexpensive or really expensive, it just depends on your taste. Then once you have your carpet then there is the need of putting rugs on the carpet or on your empty space. Now simple and cheap machine made rugs can be had fewer than thousand or maybe a little more but if it is handmade then you have to shell out thousands and maybe tens of thousands of dollars. Then sometimes you want to change the color of the entire house or some room and this costs money too. Sofas and recliners are another expense in decorating. Leather sofas are more durable ( I have one) then the clothes one but they are both expensive, then you have to buy coffee table and side tables to go along with the sofas.

The above things are only for the living room and dining room is not included which can include table and chairs and depending on your preference and space it can be a four chair table or above that number. The table can be wood or glass but here again you may have to put some decorative piece like a vase or glassware so that the table does not look empty or just simple. This area I believe is the least expensive of all the places or rooms in the house to decorate.

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