Monday, March 14, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

The massive earthquake that rocked Japan and the Tsunami that was created afterwards in its wake has certainly shocked Japan and the whole world and aid offerings has started to pour in from around the world. As everybody knows that Japan is a highly advanced and rich country, but still they could not predict or prevent when this Earthquake would happen despite investing billions of dollars spent preparing for the big one. Also due to the Earthquake, Nuclear reactors have been affected and radiation leak have been detected. Pictures have been pouring in and new videos are being released to show the devastation that has been caused by this massive Earthquake.

As with any disaster, countless lives are lost and it takes years of construction to bring some sense of normalcy to the area hit by it. But for now, all the rescue efforts are being focused on finding survivors and providing relief to them. Although Japan being rich does not need too much help from outside world but as fellow human beings we should all help since even Japan cannot cope alone with the devastation, since the initial shock of this massive disaster can overwhelm any nation rich or not.

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