Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Decorating your house

In one of my previous post I wrote about up keeping your house, like trying to maintain what is already there and not let things fall apart due to water damage and other natural calamities. Now I turn my attention to decorating your house. Once you have taken care of the up keeping, it is time now to make it according to your liking and making it more presentable and habitable. This part is more expensive, since there is no limit to what you can buy for the house to decorate it. You can either buy inexpensive stuff or buy the more expensive stuff to decorate. One of the things is the use of curtains.

One of my sisters changes her curtains every few years since she get bored with the same design and color for a period of time. Although it is expensive to do so every few years but she gets kind of satisfaction to see new designs, patterns and colors. We had blinds in the house, but my wife decided that in addition to blinds she needs curtains to make the rooms and the house prettier and to her liking. Then there is the carpet to be put on the floor. Some like the wall to wall carpet and some like to have most of the area of the house carpeted and leave the rest to expose the wood floor or empty space to walk on with your dirty shoes if you happen to come inside in snow or rain or any other dirt that sticks to your shoes in order not to ruin your carpet.

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