Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Decorating your house-3

Now the biggest part of decoration is the bedrooms. Every individual has different taste, when you are a kid you want the room to a certain kind of way and when you grow up, you make it what you want it to be. In the meanwhile, the parents can have their bedrooms decorated with their own photos and their kid’s photos and also the bed should be king, Queen, double sized. Different bed sizes would command different prices. Also you may need a dressing table and side tables with night lamps on it. As for the carpets their color could be synchronized with the color of the bedroom or maybe not, it all depends on your taste.

Kid’s room can be decorated according to their wishes with most of the input coming from you (in terms of money). Their toys or play area can be at one side of the room and their other stuff on different sides of the bedroom. If you have no kids or just living together as partners then you can decorate the other room as you wish. Some people make it like a gym or make a storage area. It all depends upon how you want to utilize the other rooms and in turn the decoration costs will vary. Putting pictures or art work on walls of bedrooms and other rooms is also one of the favorite things that can make the house beautiful and appealing.

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