Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nationalities die hard-3

Now when the war starts under whose flag the European would be fighting. Would the Italians object to a French General or French to a Spanish General? These things are just on the Military side, what about the Politics? It is trickier than thought with each country jealously guarding their sovereignty and their parliaments. I don’t think that there could ever be a European wide election for a unified President since each nationality is somewhat jealous of another. Europe is so different that if there are common borders, once you cross one you have to speak another language, not to speak of different cultures, the only thing gluing together is the currency.

I can say the same thing about the Arab people, although they speak the same language and religion but once you cross into another country you have to deal with a new currency even different ways of doing the same thing, same language with different accents and the animosity and egos that are built into them can’t be overcome. You cannot go to another country without a visa or start a business just because you happen to know the language. So as the above two examples suggests, it is very hard that nationalities can die just because you have a common currency, language or religion.

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