Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The economic toll of a changing economy.-2

Not only the unions and the businesses are at fault but the state governments are also complicit in this denial of the changing economy. First the unions are still thinking that they can get their way with high wages and benefits like they used to do while the economy and the times around them have changed. These high wages and benefits were due to people who use to work for the private sector and high property taxes paid for their salaries, but as the jobs have shrunk and outsourced and wages have come down, the people who use to vote for the property taxes blindly are now in complete revolt and they want the salaries of the union members come down to earth (reality) and start sharing the pain everybody is feeling.

Union’s powers were good for a time when there was no internet and the world was run by us with wages sky high. But the world has now awakened and it is no longer necessary to pay workers that much when you can do the same job more efficiently and faster than before. If the unions want to maintain their membership (and even increase it), they will have to come to realistic expectations about the wages and benefits and act more like private employees than public ones. More realistic demands will make the public more sympathetic to their cause than anything else.

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