Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nationalities die hard-2

If other European unions are clamoring to join the Euro, it is just because of the monetary union and the perceived benefits it can benefit their economies. If a political union is called for like a European parliament which supersedes all the European unions and a unified head of States, everybody would run for cover. Because everybody knows that Germany, being the strongest economy in the Union would want to have their own head of Unified Europe but what about the French. They have a stronger military and are a nuclear power and the British used to have an Empire do they not want to have their own head of State.

It will not even come to that, for example by a fluke it is decided that one of the Germans or the French or the British becomes the head of State of Unified Europe, does that person have to learn two or three languages in order to get their message across. Will the Germans order the French or the British militaries to respond to a crisis? Where will the Unified European Military Headquarter would be? Would the European military purpose clash with the NATO and would that also include asking to leave the U.S. Military to leave their continent. Can you imagine a European Military where there are four or five languages spoken? In the time of war, would every communication be translated into several languages?

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