Monday, March 14, 2011

My Misadventure with the Postal Service

Usually the Postal Service does an excellent job in delivering the letters and other assorted stuff to their destination efficiently and I had never had any complaints with them and I use their service more than any other. But once in a while they goof up big time and only when you need it the most, your item gets delayed for trivial reasons. I had recently had the chance to send some copies via Express mail to Pennsylvania from Manhattan. I thought that as per their guidelines, it would be delivered in an average of 2-3 days (possibly two since it was going to PA from NY) but I regret to say that it did not happen as planned.

I regret now that I should have sent it via certified mail since it would have reached the place in two days, rather than the 7 days it took to reach PA. You know that instead of going straight to PA, it first went to Los Angeles for two days and then it came back to PA for two more days traveling time. I don’t know why it had to go to the west coast first and then come back to east coast. And then it got to PA in four days, it was sent to the wrong zip code sorting Facility. Again went through two days of bungling to finally reach its destination in 7 days. In the meanwhile since it was important documents, I had already emailed it to the recipient. I know that Postal service is losing money, but when you advertise that you can deliver in two to three days and get charged for it too, we should expect it to follow through with their commitment. Other thing is that you can’t get hold of any person since all the lines are now automated on the phones and if you want to know where is your item; you get an automated reply or refer to their website. No live person is available to answer your queries. I know it is expensive but for some inquiries, you really need to talk to some person not a machine. All I can say is that a lesson has been learned not to leave anything to chance and use the fastest and efficient way to send your documents earlier even if you have to spend a little more than what the postal service is asking for.

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