Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eating Outside

Eating Outside does not necessarily only mean eating in a restaurant, but anything you eat outside the house, be it your daily breakfast in the office, your snacks between meals, your eating while roaming in the mall, stopping at a rest stop to eat, just munching on junk food etc. This thing came to my head when I was out in a mall, and people were buying pretzels, lemonade, cinnamon buns, pizza, ice cream to take a break from shopping and anything else they seem to be doing. Even a so called recession cannot stop people from having their favorite foods and snacks since they have to eat to live and sometimes live to eat.

You know maybe eating in a fancy or not so fancy restaurant maybe considered a luxury nowadays but eating in regular restaurants or just eating while taking a trip to the mall or some recreation stop is not considered a luxury and it is not expensive either. This I have noticed that even this economy, people still line up to buy pizzas and other food stuff since it is part of an inexpensive entertainment and families can get together without getting hammered by high prices and also you can call it eating outside without breaking your budget.

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