Saturday, February 12, 2011

You can’t please everyone

You may or may not have heard about this expression but that is the truth and it does not only involve individuals but nation’s relationships as well.On an individual basis, whatever you do, some body would always not like you and even if you are the best citizen, there will be some body out there being jealous of your humbleness or plain just hatred, even if you don’t know that person on a face to face level. Pleasing everybody is impossible and you should not even try it since it is a waste of time and you may in the meanwhile displease somebody else in the process. Even among your immediate family, you may please your parents but not your wife and vice versa.

The same holds true with regard to relationship among nations. Some of the acts of individual nations would be looked upon favorably by other nations and some may not. Here is the same thing that you cannot and would not make an effort to please every nation. Even among neighbors,What is good for your country may be disastrous for your neighbor. All this is because the interest of every body diverges and no one cause can be agreed upon with upsetting some segments of society. So do your best on every thing and hope that your best pleases the majority of the people.

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