Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good time to buy real estate?

Right now newspapers and websites are full of suggestions that now are the right time to buy real estate since the prices have come down to reasonable and normal levels and the interest rates are low enough. But I believe that buying real estate is always good no matter what the time. Although I can understand the higher interest rates and ridiculously high house prices, but apart from that if you do your homework, the prices would always be right for you to buy. An article came out that more and more people are cashing in their investment to pay cash for the houses to buy, although the financial advisers and experts would advise against that, but you should have a brain to figure that by yourself. You don’t need some unnecessary expense to pay to some adviser to guide you through an investment as simple as buying a house.

If you have gone through my posts since the start of my blog, I have always emphasized that buying real estate is the best investment, although not the most liquid. If I had extra money, I would buy land and farms and houses you name it anything to do with real estate, although mind you, you should be prepared to pay most of it by cash and not on mortgage since you won’t be able to get that much mortgage. But every body has a different level of risk taking, so do your homework and research before you invest in something.

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