Saturday, February 12, 2011

The new Confessional app

In this digital age, where almost everything has now an app on the smart phones, this was bound to happen. A new app, reportedly with the cooperation of two priests, has been introduced through which the faithful can send messages to do their confessions remotely. As the news article stated that this is for those who supposedly don’t have time to come to church to do their confession. As was expected, the Vatican has said that this app is not right and people should come in person to do their confession. Obviously the Vatican seems to be upset since it will reduce the number of people coming to the churches and ultimately their bottom line.

But on the other side, I don’t think that people are so busy that they can forget to go to church at least on Sunday, how long it takes for the church services, maybe hour and at most two (including preparation to go out, meet people there, confession etc). This app will make them even lazier to avoid the church altogether. I don’t really want to intrude into people’s religious lives or what they do when they have spare time, but doing your confession in person would not destroy their free time and like they make time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and go to parties and vacation, one or two hours to do confession in person would not alter their lifestyle that much.

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