Friday, February 4, 2011

The Global village

This world of ours has become a global village not a huge world. You can get instant updates of what is going on around the world the minute it happens. Sometimes it takes longer but not days but hours or even minutes. With social media networks and other instant media available worldwide, you can gain access to a lot of news in real time. The current events taking place in Egypt has also included a bit of how it spread through social media networks. Although the government did shut down the internet for a while, but still could not contain the protest since people found other ways to stay in touch and spread the protest.

Even without the protest, we can instantly log onto the internet and get stuff from anywhere in the world (although we have to be careful that we don’t get duped by some fake websites). Generally the world is shrinking ever faster with huge advances in technology and only an isolated person living deep inside some forest of high up in the mountains would remain aloof of what is happening in the outside world. Otherwise, if people have their way, their rights would not be trampled by dictators since they can organize protest or anything common among them easily through the internet.

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