Monday, February 14, 2011

The change from within-Egypt and Tunisia

The end finally came in Egypt as that country’s President resigned and the Military took over (temporarily). Although only one day before, the former President was vowing to stay on till the next elections this year but the next day, he abruptly resigned in the face of massive protests. So after Tunisia, Egypt was the next Arab government where the long reigning ruler succumbs to the will of the people. Despite the best (or half hearted) efforts of the western government and Arab governments to propel the former President of Egypt, it was ultimately the people of Egypt who made the decision to get rid of the 30 year old regime.

Despite the more than one billion in U.S. aid to that country, the people are still poor and jobs are scarce. There is no accountability of where these billions go. People in the Arab world (especially the ones with large populations and less money to go around) are fed up with their governments. They want somebody to solve to their day to day problems. They want fresh faces and they want accountability. All these protests would not happen if it were not started in Tunisia which was lack of jobs and opportunities. And these changes came from within without outside help. It just shows that revolutions are created by events when people are not happy with their situations and they become determined to bring about a change with or without outside help.

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