Friday, February 18, 2011

The Middle East protest continues

Now that Egypt and Tunisia have quieted down as the demands of the protesters have been met, it has increased or started in other countries namely Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and renewed in Iran. The flame of change that started in Tunisia has spread widely in the Middle East and caught the governments and the West off guard and worried. The people in the Middle East are completely fed up with their long server rulers who are unable to deliver them opportunities in jobs and a higher standard of living and a say in how their lives should be run. Before the governments were able to put lid on the protests by isolating the areas where the protests were occurring and then clamping down on protesters without igniting more broad protests.

But with the advent of face book, twitter and other social media outlets, the governments are slow to response to the spread of protests. The protesters were used to get silenced by the heavy handedness of their government but now they are ready to bring about a change even if they have to lay their lives for it and that is what happening in the Middle East. The governments in trying to maintain their power are using their usual security apparatus to kill the protests but are facing an increasing determined and restive public. How many more governments are going to fall, only time will tell as the events are quickly unfolding.

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