Monday, February 14, 2011

The New European Foreign Policy

A news article stated recently that since the creation of a new Post of European foreign policy in 2009, it has been struggling to give it a combined European voice to world event just like the United States but it is having a hard time finding one. Although the post has been created, but each individual country has its own foreign policy and they don’t want to give the new European Foreign “Minister” enough power to speak for them. For example the biggest crisis was the Egyptian democracy movement but no less than three European foreign ministers voiced completely different reaction to the events happening in Egypt. It will take a long time if ever to give a combined European voice to foreign relation matter since each European state want to jealously guard their turf and not to outsource it to some European Bureaucrat in far off place.

This is the central problem with the whole European Union. They may be European in nature with shared religion and boundaries but they still think in terms of individual countries and nationalities. Will this ever change, only time will tell but looking at the history, it does not bode well for them since the bond of nationalities and belongingness to one ethnic group is too overwhelming that the dream of having one European State with everything delegated to a central authority would have to take more than just shared currency.

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