Friday, February 18, 2011

Travelling abroad

While travelling inside one’s country can be stressful with all kinds of preparation and transportation and lodgings, at least the language is the same and the currency to use is the same. But when you are planning to travel abroad then whole new issues crop up. Where to go (within your means), what kind of attractions you want to see, when the right time to go etc. Once you decide to go to a particular place, then the issue of visas come up.

This can take various amount of time and the cost of visas should also be included in your allocated funds for vacation. Depending upon where you are going, you need to have enough money to convert it into local currency.Although it is not necessary since English is widely understood around the world, but it will be an added bonus that if you can learn some come terms of local language so that you are not at a loss of words if you venture into a small place where English is not understood or spoken. Although I know that going to some unknown place is a bit scary but if you are well prepared in advance, know where to go and see, treat it as an adventure and a learning experience, there is nothing like exploring different cultures other than your own.

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