Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Isn’t it time for us to care about world events

Although we do care about what goes on in the world but as a Superpower, we need to put more emphasis on world events since the world looks up to us in solving their problems. For example, during the Bosnian war, Europe was trying to solve the problem its own way but until the U.S. got involved, nothing was getting solved. Although in some places we have badly failed (for example in Somalia) but many places where our humanitarian crisis occurred, we have been the lead nations (examples are Pakistan Earthquake in 2005, The Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, Haiti Earthquake, recent Pakistan floods and many more).

I can understand that American people are very busy with their own lives, but as a Superpower, we need to be the lead nation in most of the events taking place around the world and for that, we need to inject our selves in places where it not necessarily we are not needed. In this case, our media, although highlighting various world events all the time, should be emphasizing more of our responsibility towards the world, unless we and our politicians want to go back to the isolationist state (which we cannot anyway how hard we try).

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