Friday, February 18, 2011

Planning for a vacation

It is always a stretch when you are starting or even thinking about a vacation. But for most Americans and most of the people all over the world it is a ritual that when the New Year starts, they start to think about vacation and where to spend it. If you single that is not a problem that much since if you go alone (rarely) you can decide on one destination that’s about it. But when you have to go with your friends and family, that is a whole different situation. With friends you have to decide which the party city is and where you can enjoy the most as a single person. But with your spouse and family then you have to make a collective decision.

And if you have kids, then it is a whole new story, since every kids has this favorite place to go to even if they have gone there once. It is really hard to come to a decision when each of the family members have their own idea of where to go. The kids who are small don’t have much choice but the ones who enter the kindergarten and above, then you have to really convince them that the place you have decided will be much fun than the one you visited before. Usually all this decision making boils down to how much you have budgeted each year for vacation time. Again if you and your partner are only there, then the money allocated would be less than when you have kids.

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