Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Double standards and reality

There are always double standards when dealing with world politics. Maybe it is necessary and maybe it is not. Every country in the world, big or small have to play double standards in order to advance its own interest or see to it that they don’t get relevant in big powers game. Here I am talking about the fact that Egypt, who has been the U.S. ally for a long time have been not so secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons, with U.S. knowledge. But since Egypt is our ally and so called source of stability in the Middle East, we have been looking the other way. But now with this turmoil in Egypt, the U.S. is looking hard into what to do about Egyptian ambition regarding nuclear power.

Although they have dismantled and stop working on the nuclear thing since they are signatory to the Nuclear Non proliferation Arms treaty who is to say that they don’t have ambitions, with Iran on one side and Israel on the other side, they will very much want to develop at least nuclear power and if that happens what is to stop other friendly Arab states to pursue the same. All of this is intended to say that we should stop this double standards and if we want to clamp down on the spread on nuclear weapons, we should apply it equally to every body and not selectively because today’s friend can be tomorrow’s enemy and vice versa.

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