Friday, February 18, 2011

Love for chocolate

I have never met a person who hates chocolate. In fact for some (including me) chocolate is just super delicious and incredibly irresistible. No matter where I am I never hesitate to eat chocolate. And in this case I have my favorites too, since some chocolate does not click with me. Even when eating ice cream or get a cake, I try to buy chocolate flavor of them. I like peanut coated chocolates but also chocolates from countries where they are famous for it, like Britain, Switzerland and Belgium. But chocolate is not restricted to these countries alone but several countries of the world make world class chocolates, the trick is to find a place where they sell it, which has become easier due to the internet.

Chocolate chip cookies and generally cookies where chocolate is involved heavily is also one of my favorites. Chocolate is just so irresistible and despite all the efforts of my family not to each too much, I have a hard time stop eating it. And if you eat too much of it then you have to make sure you go to the dentist regularly since the sugary stuff in the chocolates can clearly give you cavities and enough of these can also upset your stomach. So eating moderate amounts of chocolate can be sure way to enjoy this treat.

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