Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

So today is Valentine Day. It was supposed to be a Western Tradition but like any of these traditions; it has spread to countries where people loathe the U.S. like the Muslim countries where it has become a big tradition. Anyway, flowers rule the day today as well as the second most popular Chocolates. But for the affluent, people escape with vacation time. Also now the valentine is not restricted to two partners but also between parents and children. The other big thing is that people try to propose or get married on this day. As I said before that Valentine day was confined to western countries before but due to the marketing and shrinking of the world community due to the internet, it has now spread worldwide and many billions of dollars are spent specifically on this day.

Despite the efforts of anti American clerics and governments around the world, the excitement that this day brings has not diminished and people with different cultural and religious background are spending money on gifts for their loved ones. This just shows that if people are determined and does not affiliate a particular holiday with any religious group, the world could become a better place and an understanding can develop among different cultures.

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