Saturday, February 12, 2011

Unnatural expectations of the West regarding Middle East

Since the Tunisian uprising and now Egypt, the West has been fretting about the going on revolution that is sweeping the Arab World. They want to keep their strong man so that they have to deal with one person rather than the whole parliament and so they are very slow or in some cases against the change in Status quo. The west has gotten used to dealing with one familiar face for such a long time now that they forget to groom other successors. They are afraid of the alternative. But let me get this straight, why then the West clamor or start preaching democracy when they are afraid to know what that democracy will bring about.

It is really unrealistic to expect one person to rule in one Arab country for decades on without being held accountable to their own people. How would the West feel that one of their rulers sit on them for ten to fifteen or twenty years with the same policy in place for ever? Either they should stop preaching democracy in the Arab World and keep on holding onto Cold war relics in the name of peace and stability or face the consequences when the people become so much fed up that even a hint of moderate leader would be hard to come by and then the West would be struggling to even find one person whom they could deal with.

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