Thursday, September 6, 2012

Waiting for everything

It is not only me but nearly all the people hate to wait their turn but do so grudgingly. Everywhere you go, you have to wait for your turn and it wastes such a lot of time. Take for example going to a doctor, you reach the doctor at the appointed time and most of the time your appointment time has passed before your time comes. Then there is the famous corridor that the cable, utility companies and the like give you that you have to be there at home during those hours. Now you can do your work at home or just wait for the person to show up, but still you cannot do outside chores since you may miss that person and then you are back to square one with making another appointment which may or may not be even the same week or same time corridor or window that is given to you. Then there is the line everybody is familiar with, standing to pay for you stuff at the stuff and it is the most hated line that I can imagine. You have a long line of people and sometimes there are only two cashiers taken your payment and you are just standing there like an idiot waiting for you turn. Then you have to wait in some restaurants to be seated and then for your food. And the most famous of all, you have to wait in traffic to get to a particular place. This is the most frustrating because if you are stuck in traffic, you have nowhere to go but to wait it out unlike other places where you have to option to not wait. All in all we lost a lot of time waiting for everything in our lives.

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