Thursday, September 13, 2012

Learn as you go as a parent

No matter how much training you have, you are never fully prepared for being a new parent. Every that the conventional books says gets thrown out and you realize that every day is a new learning experience that the book does not teach or may not apply in your case. Baby crying, diaper change, the waking up at nights to feed your baby, feeding, making sure the baby is comfortable, everything revolves around the baby whether you trying to date, going to parties, your eating, sleeping, going grocery shopping, watching TV and everyday activity revolves around the baby schedule. And then your learning process is like continuing every day and it is twenty four hours with no breaks (unless the baby sleeps). All the books that are out there in the market may generalize this experience but every parent has slightly different experience (apart from crying, diaper change, waking up at nights and feeding). But this learning process is also very rewarding.. Now you have a responsibility and that teaches you valuable lessons regarding your own character and what kind of values you want to teach this new kid. No matter how bad the person is, the parent will never want to pass on to their offspring bad things and always want them to be better than them. It is a lesson you only learn when you are parent and I don’t believe that there is any other way you can learn how to be a good person without being a parent.

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