Thursday, September 20, 2012

Politicians’ slip ups-2

Now of all the politicians, now a day’s even if you are old enough to run or in retirement knows that things saying in private do not stay that way with all the gadgetry people have in their possession small enough to record things which are unflattering to say the least. Now back to the words, so the Presidential Candidate things that he has to target only the rest of 53 percent and ignore the 47 percent. Well it is really hard to win with 53 percent since all of them may not vote for him and there may be many democrats and independent that may be turned off by this rhetoric and continuing on this note, are the rest of 53 percent not like a little bit dependent on the government too? For example take the case for the stocks, the capital gain (the price gain between the price you pay and the price you sell) is taxed at a lower rate than actual income tax. What if it starts to suddenly get taxed at the ordinary rate, won't it affect the wealth of the 53 percent. Every body of us is somewhat dependent on the government for the well being and it is wrong to say that only the 47 percent are dependent. Maybe these are the people who make so little that they are already exempted from paying tax. Unless you eliminate this exemption (which will be next to impossible due to compassion or piety) these people will always pay no tax and hence will remain part of the 47 percent.

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