Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Helpless in the face of nature

Since I drive to work and then take the train, I always pray that the commute is hassle free (I wish) but the only thing that makes me mad is that only a few drops of rain and it seems that everything on the roads and trains comes to a crawl. People drive like than they are pushing a car. I can understand the roads are wet but still, the commute comes to a crawl and same happens with the trains, every time there is a weather problems, the trains develop mechanical or equipment problem. Despite all the advancement that humans have achieved, they are helpless in the face of nature. Humans can become arrogant for a while, but their arrogance gets a jolt and a reality check when bad weather hits them. It is not even the traffic on the ground but also in the air, that the weather wrecks havoc. Flights are cancelled or delayed and airports are sometimes closed. The same thing happens with hurricanes, tornados, twisters, earth quakes, floods, thunder and lightning and many other instances of nature that remind humans that they should behave and show them who really is the boss. We will never be able to face the wraths of nature since it is outside our capacity to predict what the future holds and how to deal with natural calamities if they arrive unexpectedly. So the only thing we can hope for is to prepare for the unexpected as much as possible and pray that things don’t turn out to be worse than our preparation.

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