Thursday, September 6, 2012

Restlessness and us

We as human beings are a restless lot. We are always trying to go for perfection, but always fall short of it because we don’t know what perfection means or what the level of perfection is. We are not satisfied with our lives and try different approaches to achieve rest, including using drugs, alternative calming exercises, moving to a different location, try to live a stress free life but no matter what we do, we always feel restless in what we have achieved. We keep on envying other peoples' lives but don’t know if that person is fully at peace with him/herself. As such we are an emotional wreck with increasing number of people going to the doctors to find a cure to be peaceful inside but still it fail to achieve the utmost. Even when we use all kinds of drugs to calm ourselves, those drugs are not enough to calm us. I am as restless as the next person but my symptoms maybe different as the next person and as with that person; I may or may achieve a restful life in this world. The only time you are at rest is when you die, but who knows that it may be part of the next phase of your journey where you may or may not be more restless than on this earth minus all the aid that you have in this world to be at peace.

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