Thursday, September 13, 2012

Various degrees of successes and failures

Many people have varying degrees of successes and failures during their lifetime. Some go to higher levels of education but still get less pay and there are some who are not that educated but still become wealthy by sheer hard working and some bit of luck. You can also say that about entrepreneurs. There are those who are the pioneers and they become successful and there are those who despite a promising start fail to innovate and stay ahead of the competition and become irrelevant in the process. And although education is a must for everybody, there is no guaranty that you would become rich or successful. Then there are those who copy the original business model and find success better than the original and then there are those who fail to imitate the success of the original and are closed or weeded out by the natural forces of competition. The point I am making here is that not everybody have the same amount of successes and failures and same goes with the corporation’s (which are obviously run by people). Some corporations are highly successful and their competitors also have become either successful or have vanished. It is the way people run their businesses and lives that matter most in the way how their succeed or fail and a little bit of luck as many people still say without acknowledging that fact that it maybe how much harder he or she worked or may it is a matter of luck being at the right place at the right time. Any way you don’t have to ponder about it that much, just try to do your best and feel satisfied about your achievements.

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