Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Different names, same meanings

I was driving one day along the road and saw a garage sale and started wondering the different names people give to one thing which all end up with one meaning. For example, you can call it a garage sale, yard sale, estate sale, flea market, moving sale etc and all have the same meaning to sell mostly used stuff to people. It does not matter if they have a slight variation to the terms since you will find essentially the same stuff in all these places. The same names you have seen people applying in case of snow, which can heavy, flurries, light and also in case of rain which can range from anything from drizzle to light and heavy rain, thunderstorms etc. Although slightly different meanings apply to all these words but it all meanings the same thing with varying degrees of intensity. There are countless other words that are used for the same thing, like movies, films, moving picture, flicks etc and also on opinions, views, analysis, reviews etc. My point here is that no matter how much or how many times you slice or dice or give variation to a word, it all comes out to the same meaning and that is the beauty of the human being and its ability to give different names to the same thing which ends up having almost the same meaning.

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