Friday, September 21, 2012

Politicians’ slip ups-5

Although it seems that they are the candid views of the current Presidential candidate or he is just pandering to the far right group of his party. But I believe that the first is true and that he is smart enough to think about it when talking about such sensitive and divisive topics. I am still not sure that it will hurt or help the rest of this campaign but my advice (if it counts) is that to stay away from thorny issues and stop blaming some group and focus on the economy which is the core problem of the struggling Americans instead of talking about an issue which is going on for the last so many decades or divide the people into haves and have nots (remember the have nots or the so called dependents have one vote each too). But it is not the first time that the politicians have this kind of slip of the tongue, you may recall a Politician tweeted himself in a underwear only to see it go viral and had to resign. The politicians are public figures and not ordinary folks whose goof ups are restricted to a few people. The Politicians or anybody who wants to be one have to think twice and rational before utterly words no matter what the audience because you never know who may be hiding some camera (remember they have become very small now) and recording your speech which may spell doom for your nascent or even mature career.

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