Thursday, September 20, 2012

Politicians’ slip ups

All politicians have from time to time had slip of the tongue which they regret it later on or try to clarify their positions in order to seems sensitive to voters' feelings. It is not just the incumbent politicians but also who are running against them that stumble upon their way to office. Sometimes only apologize are enough that the voters give them a benefit of the doubt and move on. But some goof ups are so big that even clarifying their point of view is not enough and it sticks to the voters mind till the election time. The latest in the long line of goofs up (as I may say it mildly) is the U.S. Presidential candidate, who may have spoken from his heart but now seem insensitive to other people because somebody recorded things which he said it to potential wealth donors. Although I am not a political analyst, just a blogger expressing his opinion, but let us decipher what the candidate said. I did not see the whole secret video but I read about it and can comment on it objectively (if possible) and no I am not a republican or democrat or an independent for the matter. To summarize the first thing he said was that the current President has the support of the 47 percent of the people because those are the 47 percent who depend on the government for their survival and would not want a republican president to come and take away their " benefits" and so he has no chance to have their votes and he will supposedly ignore them in his targeted campaign

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