Monday, September 10, 2012

The Fanaticism of Sports fans

Although the sports seasons last the whole year, there are some which drives the sport fans nuts. Take for example the football fans, they are bunch of fanatics and they love their football teams so much that the biggest event of the year Super bowl, the right to air ads on it reaches millions for a mere 30 second spot. The corporations spends millions just be in front of millions of captive fans and thus they role out their newest ads to attract them. The same goes with the baseball fans, they go crazy when their teams win or lose. Millions and billions of dollars are spent each year on sporting events and it is not just football or baseball, there are the basketball teams who are also in the forefront of sporting events especially their college teams in the March Madness Month. Although betting is not allowed but betting is still done sometimes openly, sometimes quietly among friends, family and colleagues. Then there is Ice Hockey with its Stanley cup finals (although to a lesser extent since you need an arena to play it). And apart from the popular belief that only men follow these games, sometimes there are women who are equally passionate about their teams’ chances of winning. Although not as passionate about sports than their male counterparts but still all the excitement gets to them too and they bet with their families, friends and spouses to win or lose small amounts of money.

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