Thursday, September 20, 2012

Politicians’ slip ups -3

Now why would a candidate for the president write off the 47 percent to concentrate on 53 percent who are not all going to be voting for him is beyond me. A President has to be inclusive and lead the country in a unified manner. Anyway you dice it (and I am sure many will do it in a negative way), can President rely on only 53 percent of the country's voters to pass legislation or fulfill his agenda. Would such a president ignore a disaster in an area who are the so called "47 percent" since they did not vote for him and rush supplies to an area which is the 53 percent so called independent people. Would he be able to kill off all the welfare programs like the unemployment insurance, Medicaid, student loans, mortgage assistance and so many of the programs which we are all dependent on in one way or the other. The above are some of the questions which some hard hitting journalists and voters should ask him and if there is a presidential debate should be on top of any questions before asking other relevant questions. Now the other question that came up in the same fund raising dinner regards to the age old Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. Here the same candidate was frank enough to say the truth (and which I have been writing also). To summarize it, he said that it is insoluble because the Palestinians have no desire to have peace with Israel. Before even being elected, he has thrown his towel so that he does not spend time on it.

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