Friday, September 14, 2012

The What if? Scenarios

There are so many what if scenarios out there in every field that I am at a loss where to start writing. These scenarios are of courses the choices that people and corporations, countries make which if they had made, the outcome would have been completely different. Take for example, what is the U.S. had lost World War II or what if Pearl Harbor attacks never happened and we would have not entered the war. What if Financial crisis of 2008 never happened never happened, would we still acting paranoia about security and what if Iraq war never happened, would we be better off and spending that amount domestically and being stronger economically. All these choices have either been taken by individual in authority or by circumstances beyond their control. If I start dwelling on each of the what if scenarios, I will be only writing about for the next two there years because even if one thing would have been done a different way, that way would have spawned a new round of what if scenarios. I don’t know I may even starting writing about it someday. But for now as an individual, would I have made a choice now which I may have done differently in the past and the outcome would have been definitely different. Every person on the planet have regrets about doing something which they wish they have not done or done it in a different way But that is what we call life and it presents different choices and you have to choose one of the choices without knowing the outcome, otherwise the world would have become a happy place with everybody satisfied with their choices or maybe not.

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