Thursday, September 20, 2012

Politicians’ slip ups-4

So even if President Obama wins and nothing is happening so up till 2016, the Mideast conflict will remain un resolved, and if the he gets defeated and the opponent is swept into power, the status quo will still remain until 2016 and if he wins again in 2016, then the issue will get unresolved till 2020. So why are we even pretending to be power brokers since the status quo will remain until 2020 (supposedly and even after that). We are still spending billions of dollars in that area which could and should be spent at home here. Am I being extreme or is the Presidential candidate is right in letting us know that he would let this issue slide by for the next President to spend his energies on with no result. If you take a poll right now, I believe that most of the people will say that lets get out of the Middle east but the voices of the people cannot be heard because of the so called national security interests of the United States, so even if the Presidential candidate seem to be not engaged in that area, we will continue to be engaged and losing or risking American lives with no result in sight. As I have often said before, this Middle East conflict will never get resolved since both the parties (and not only Palestinians as asserted by the U.S. Presidential Candidate) are not serious enough to face up to the extremists factions in their middle who are strictly against any reconciliation of this problem and want to maintain the status quo or go to war to get the results.

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