Sunday, November 6, 2016

The U.S. Election-2016

First of all I want to emphasize this fact that I am neither a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent and I am not even registered to vote (too lazy to get myself registered) but this election has been the most disruptive I have ever seen in my life. Without naming names and you may now know who is the Republican nominee and who is the Democrat one. The mudslinging has been extra heavy this time with the Republican nominee upending everything that has been a status quo for a long time. The Democratic candidate is dodged by revelations that she has been using a private mail server to communicate confidential and non confidential information when she was in the government previously. Whether the charges are proven or not, it has yet to be decided what was so important in the email that it threatened national security. Since the election are few days away but early voting has already begun and people are so disgusted and just pray that this election is over fast enough so that they don’t have to listen to all the attacks and counter attacks going back and forth without ever going through the real issues facing the U.S. I hope I am not late to this party called U.S. election. The Democratic nominee it seems stands for mostly status quo without much change in the way the U.S. conducts its business domestically and internationally and so the people know more or less what is going to happen if she is elected. It is the Republican nominee who seems to go all out for a change that is being seen as disruptive by world leaders and also locally in the U.S.

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