Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Pakistan-India Conflict on Kashmir

Despite nearly 70 years of independence Pakistan and India have been at each other’s throat lately due to continuing violence in the disputed Valley of Kashmir which is divided into India ruled and Pakistani ruled area. The so called freedom fighters ( as described by Pakistan) and the terrorists (as described by India) are fighting to get Independence from India. Add to this mix that Pakistan is so called morally and religiously supporting the cause of the Kashmiri people by indirectly or directly supporting militant organizations on its soil to be used against India is making South East Asia a dangerous area. Recently the attack on an Indian Military base killing 17 Indian Soldiers have India blaming Pakistani supported militants of staging that attack and again creating tensions in both India and Pakistan. Since I was born, I have been hearing this Kashmir Conflict and I don’t see it getting resolved any time soon or even ever as both the governments know that even letting go of Kashmir of either side will be their downfall and open revolt in both countries. Unless both the countries restrain their selves in the course of tension, nothing is going to get resolved. This thing I can say with certainty that despite being independent for almost seventy years, their animosity has not gone down and they are still fighting a battle with no clear victory in sight especially for Pakistan whose own economy is bleeding profusely while India is flourishing economically despite growing poverty in both countries.

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