Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Civil war in Syria-2

Then there are the poor civilians who seem to be in no mood to take sides and they having been hard hit in this war are trying to escape to safer countries making their way to Turkey and other western countries and becoming bigger problem in those countries. Europe has been trying to cope with this refugee’s crisis and does not seem to know how to handle them except throw in some racism and tighter immigration quotas to deter future refugees. Curiously even with this conflict, most if not all the Syrian refugees want to cross to Europe rather than go to some Muslim or Arab countries because in their heart they know that Muslim countries have their own problems and the ones who are rich enough to take care of them don’t want them amidst them. It is a sad truth which the Muslim media don’t want to portray but the refugees don’t want to go to Muslims countries because there is less freedom than in the Western world. The West has another problem that they don’t know what would happen if Syrian Regime falls as they have seen Libya and Iraq literally fall apart. Also the dangerous combination of terrorists taking part in the Syrian conflict makes them pause a bit and think hard how to deal with the situation so that they don’t create a terror haven so close to Europe. It is a complete mess which nobody knows how to deal with as the choices in front of them are very limited and none as very pleasant. As the new U.S. election nears and a new U.S. administration is about to install, this conflict would still be raging on as the different interests collide in the great civil war of Syria

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