Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Civil war in Syria

For lack of a better word, this is the title of my article as it is hard to define what is going on in Syria. It seems like what had started as an Arab Spring hit a brick wall in Syria, where the government decided to take a head on against the rebels. I know that Arab Spring also barely touched the rich gulf countries because their government seems to bride the people into submission or the people are not that courageous or care enough for a change as long as their basic necessities are being taken care of. Whatever the reason, Syrian Civil war has been raging now for the last five years and it would have been over if it was not for the Iranian and the Russians supporting the Assad regime. Even more than this the tide was turning against Syrian Regime when Russia decided that they have to save the only government who has been their natural allies for such a long time. Right Syria is a complete mess with the city of Aleppo in the midst of the rebel and government forces offensive. There are Iranian and Russian governments supporting the Syrian regime and the Saudis supporting the rebels but that the rebels are also being halfheartedly supported by the Western powers and then there are the Turks who have their own agenda in Syria. But then due to the whole conflict, the Al Qaeda and ISIS fighters are also fighting each other, the Syrian Regime and some western backed rebels.

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