Sunday, November 13, 2016

Moving to Canada?

As the protest continue against the President(elect) which I don’t get it as they are just registering their protect as it is now too late to invalidate the election, some of the people say that they will move to Canada rather than stay in a country whose new President they don’t like. Now this part I fail to comprehend. Why is that every time a new election happens, people who feel a certain way about a candidate say it out loud that they will move to Canada if the election is not to their liking. I don’t hear anybody saying that they will move to the U.S. if election in Canada is not to their liking. I can understand it is a great country with top notch cities but moving to Canada would harm the U.S. in any way or it will help invalidate the election. You choose to live in a democracy and only one candidate wins whether that candidate you like it or not. It is the majority rule democracy not individual rule democracy. If people feel so strongly about leaving the U.S. then it is their right to do so but don’t make it an excuse that if your candidate did not win, you are leaving. It is like every time you fight with your partner or spouse, you don’t right away quit and even in your job, if you don’t like certain days going your way, you don’t just leave without another job lined up or having some plan in place. So NO, moving to Canada is not an option and you should fight what you believe in by working in the system. Let’s see what happens during the next four years and if you don’t want to see then immigrate.

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