Sunday, November 6, 2016

The U.S. Election-2016-3

Let’s Start with Building a wall along the U.S. Mexican border. First it was that Mexico is going to pay for the wall, now we build it and they will reimburse us. There have been no specifics given too how the wall will be built. How tall will the wall be and how wide, who will build the wall, if it is going to be built with Mexican workers or American workers. How will it be patrolled and how many armed men and women would be needed to patrol it day and night. Is there going to be lights on it at night and who is going to foot the bill for all the electricity being used. Are there going to be electric wires on it so that if somebody wants to scale it, they may get a shock and fall to their death? The width of the wall has not been discussed either and if the wall going to get built will there be checkpoint where only legitimate people can cross over, who will manage these checkpoints, the U.S. or the states individually? If the wall is going to be built, there will be some areas which will be privately owned, will the owner be adequately compensated. Will there be a referendum in the states where the wall will be passing through so that they may have a say in it. And then there is the question of the courts getting involved because somebody will sue the government to stop the wall altogether. Since the Congress holds the purse to the finance the wall, will enough members vote on it to give the go ahead and if not, Will the President issue an executive order to build it anyway and then again courts can intervene. These are some of the questions I can think of that have not been asked in the excitement to just build the wall without asking.

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